HW-group PortBox2

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PortBox2 is a RS-232 and RS-485 serial port to Ethernet converter. PortBox2 features a truly full RS-232 serial port (9-pin). The serial port converter can be connected to a PC over the LAN, with the serial port accessible in Windows as a Virtual Serial Port (VSP).

A built in web server is used for configuring. Using the free HW VSP3 application up to 100 remote serial ports can be connected to one PC.

RS-232 port of PortBox2 can be simultaneously used for data collecting (CDR/SMDR, PBX call accounting) and for remote access as Virtual Serial Port. Two devices can be connected in Box-2-Box mode. In this mode, the RS232/485 serial line is extended (tunneled) over the LAN.

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  • 1x full serial port RS-232/485 with 9-bit communication support
  • M2M communication protocols: http, Telnet, TCP Server, TCP Client/Server.
  • Connected via LAN. Configuration via built-in web server, Telnet.
  • Full RS-232 serial port (9 pins: RxD, TxD, GND, CTS, RTS, DSR, DTR, RI, CD).
  • RS-485 serial interface: up to 115,200 Bd.
  • Free SW HW VSP3 : Virtual Serial Port for Windows (NT service, x64 systems). Supports up to 100 remote serial ports.
  • Compatible with a range of third party SW. Examples for programmers on using the product are available in the HWg-SDK (Borland C++, MS Visual, VB, C#, PHP, JAVA and more).
Applications and usage:
  • Remote control of power and other technology over RS-232 and RS-485
  • Remote control of displays and signal lights
  • RFID card readers, online access control systems
  • Vending machines
  • Security alarms
  • Access control systems
  • Barcode scanners