HW-group M-Count 2C

2.101,25kn (~ 278,42 €) (1.681,00kn (~ 222,74 €) + PDV)

U prikazanu cijenu uključen je PDV.

2x S0 datalogger and converter to M-Bus (2x pulse input (S0) / M-Bus output)

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  • Power Supply: M-Bus, in case of M-Bus failure from the internal lithium battery
  • Current consumption: approx. 50μA when battery operated, 1.5mA from M-Bus network
  • Battery lifetime: for consumption 0.23mAh from battery, approx. 200 days in case of M-Bus failure
  • Digital inputs: double signal inputs (S0 optional), 50Hz samping cycle (˂30 ms for S0)
  • Tariff signal: through change-over contact to TS channel or 250 VAC through ACT input
  • Interface: M-Bus according to EN1434-3 standard, 2400 baud
  • Temperature range: -20° up to +65°C
  • Mounting: Industrial DIN-rail 35mm – acc. to EN 50022 standard
  • Dimensions: 1-module size (1 – TE = 18 mm), 82x63x17.5 mm
Applications and usage:
  • Collecting of impulses from gas-, water-, electricity- or other meters and field units with pulse output or electrical outputs of of type S0.